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2 min readJan 3, 2021


It was an interesting year for ‘reading’. I historically do most of my reading via audiobook during the daily commute to the office. Like most, I didn’t commute a lot in 2020 so unfortunately less content was consumed. However, I think I was very lucky to ‘read’ the four below. If you have read the previous C4C’s then you would have come across each of the authors.
Check out my top four of 2020 below.
I just had to call out a 5th MUST READ (not a 2020 read but it needed to be called out!) added at the bottom.

Top four of 2020

Who Not How

At many times in this short read you can hear yourself saying, “OK, I get it”, and then thinking you should end the book…like after the first chapter-DON’T. There are plenty of little examples and stories and nuggets of wisdom that build upon the ‘simple’ idea of finding your who. It is a short book — read it now and have your teams read it too.

Restoring the Soul of Business

This wasn’t just one of my top reads of 2020…it is on my all time business book reads. Rishad just kept having me nod, take notes (not while driving), and challenge my current philosophies. All things that I rate high in a business read. In addition to a very good and complete read, following Rishad since, has led to additional reads.

Deep Work

For someone who grew up with technology (my first computer was an 8088 with only a 5 1/4 drive) and has taken advantage of using leading edge tech to create competitive advantage this book can be controversial. But, with someone with teenagers I understand the negative potential with social media and constant distractions. Reflecting on the moments when some of my best work was created I can connect with the Deep Work idea that Cal discusses.

The End of Competitive Advantage

A great, great read for those that are helping businesses in areas that find themselves battling commoditization. Any many will argue that in today’s world of AI and the like, that most businesses are fighting commoditization whether they know it or not. Rita discusses harnessing a transient advantage strategy to succeed. Here is a quick video talking about the transient advantage economy.

One more with feeling ;)


Watch the hour long video (was a ‘required’ watch for my team) and buy the book.



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